Police Report: WWL Radio says Seth Dunlap sent homophobic tweet, demanded $1.8 million

Police Report: WWL Radio says Seth Dunlap sent homophobic tweet, demanded $1.8 million

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - WWL Radio company leaders claims that Seth Dunlap tweeted out a homophobic slur from his personal cellphone, then demanded $1.851 million from the station, according to a New Orleans Police Department report.

Dunlap, who is openly gay, said he was the target of the offensive tweet sent out to WWL Radio’s 33,000 followers earlier this month.

The police report said authorities are investigating the claims by WWL’s Senior Vice President Kevin Cassidy and the station’s parent corporation, Entercom.

The report said that Entercom’s attorneys revealed the findings of their investigation to Dunlap’s legal team on Tuesday evening (Sept. 24). At that point, the legal team “stormed” out of the meeting.

According to Entercom, video surveillance captured Dunlap walking into his office and closing the door before the tweet was sent out. The tweet was traced back to an IP address connected to his personal phone.

The report also said that an Entercom employee received letters regarding wages being garnished from Dunlap.

Fox 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti the allegations asserted by both parties are serious, “This could very well lead to criminal charges if you have done something like that. That’s why you have to tread very lightly because there could be ramifications in both directions I might add, said Raspanti. "In both directions in possible criminality so people have to be very very careful on both sides of the ledger when they’re playing around in this swimming pool.”

“We are in receipt of the police report filed by Entercom, which we received from the media and which does not contain any documentary or supportive evidence other than Entercom’s false, defamatory, and self-serving statements,” Dunlap’s attorney, Megan Kiefer, said.

Dunlap, who is on leave from the microphone, took and passed a polygraph test Wednesday.

The test centered around the tweet.

“Due to the lack of any evidentiary updates from Entercom, Seth voluntarily submitted to a polygraph test administered by a certified and licensed expert polygraph examiner. The results of the testing, which have a 95 percent accuracy rate, concluded that Seth was truthful during the polygraph testing, and completely exonerated Seth from any involvement in the offense tweet whatsoever,” a statement from Kiefer said.

WWL Radio responded, saying it had conducted an investigation with the assistance of an external digital forensic firm and outside council.

“We determined that the most appropriate next step is to involve law enforcement. At this point, the investigation is in the hands of law enforcement and it is not appropriate for us to comment any further on the substance of our findings,” the station said.

Kiefer said that her client is glad the NOPD is now involved.

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