Gautier residents sound off over sewage spill in Bayou LaMotte

Gautier residents sound off over sewage spill in Bayou LaMotte

GAUTIER, Miss. (WLOX) - Jerry Brow said he first discovered and reported a sewage leak into Bayou LaMotte on Aug. 27.

After being out of state for a few days, the spill was gushing.

“They didn't have any reports. Nobody reported nothing,” Brow said. “So, here we are weeks later.”

ClearWater Solutions, the management firm hired by the City of Gautier, reported that a failed pump in the lift station was fixed earlier this week within an hour after being notified. The company described the spill as relatively minor with about 2,000 gallons of untreated sewage.

MDEQ followed with a contact warning Monday afternoon through a press release and postings on its website and social media. The warning is still in effect.

Brow said that’s not enough for residents or visitors.

“I talked to several campers in Shepard State Park,” he said. “None of them knew. Not one camper knew about any advisory from the DEQ, from the city, from nobody. The only one that was going out there and letting them know was me.”

Resident Dean Shepard hadn’t heard about the advisory either, but he said sewage spills happen a lot.

“They’ve had continual problems with that pump over the years,” he said. “And, of course, I get crabs and fish here all the time. I’m not a tree hugger. So, that’s not the issue. The issue is why did they build a pump station right here, next to the bayou where things happen that it could dump into the bayou? And, I’m very upset over that.”

Brow said he doesn’t think he can ever trust the safety of this water.

“I would not want to walk in here, have any contact,” he said. “If I had a dog, I wouldn’t want my dogs to go in there. I would be afraid because of how much could possibly been pumped in here.”

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