Judge orders partial re-vote in District 50 Senate race

Judge orders partial re-vote in District 50 Senate race
(Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - A special circuit court judge ordered a partial re-vote for the District 50 Senate seat race between Dixie Newman and Scott DeLano Tuesday.

Voters in the following precincts will recast their ballots:

  • Saucier
  • New Hope
  • Howard Creek
  • Margaret Sherry
  • Biloxi #11 at the Donal Snyder Center

The date for the re-vote will be set by the Governor’s office and will not be on the same day as the General Election in November. The original votes from the other 11 precincts will remain the same.

Newman was declared the winner in the election night count on August 6, 2019 and again after a review and recount. It was declared that Newman won by one vote.

Responding to DeLano, Newman denied that DeLano was entitled to a ruling, DeLano should be certified as the Republican nominee for Senate District 50 or that the certified results must be decertified as not reflecting the true will of the voters.

But Newman’s response admitted that the there should be a re-set or a special election held for a later date.

The Harrison County Republican Executive Committee heard from lawyers for Newman and DeLano, who asked for a new election in five of the 16 precincts in District 50, according to Frank Genzer, the chairmen of the GOP executive committee.

The judge ruled for the revote.

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