Climber survives fall into crevasse on Mount Rainier, shares pictures

SEATTLE (KOMO/CNN) – A climber is crediting the quick thinking of his team for saving him after he fell into a crevasse on Mount Rainier.

It happened in early August, but Graham Parrington and his team are just now talking about it and sharing pictures of the day.

Parrington and his two team members, who were all tied together, had summited the mountain and were headed back down to camp when Parrington fell into the crevasse.

"Graham was chatting and in front of me, and all of sudden, poof, disappeared into the glacier," said Parrington’s climbing partner Christopher Poulos.

That’s when the climbers’ instincts and training kicked in.

"I spun around, dropped to the glacier and plunged my ice ax and my crampons into the glacier," Poulos said.

Poulos and teammate Reid Ammann finally stopped the sliding, and while Poulos kept his spot, Ammann peeked over the edge and saw Parrington was OK.

"A huge credit to my team for catching my fall," Parrington said.

He snapped a photo of himself after realizing he wasn’t going to plunge to his death.

"I was pretty happy once I realized I was unhurt and not dead," Parrington said.

Parrington then fashioned a pulley system to help himself inchworm his way to the surface.

"To have him back above, and to know that we were able to in some way contribute to that happening safely, was a great moment," Poulos said.

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