Rally for Recovery offers resources to those trying to beat addiction

Rally for Recovery offers resources to those trying to beat addiction

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - The point of Ocean Spring’s Rally for Recovery was to give those suffering from addiction or other struggles a way to access help and additional resources on their road to recovery.

El Roi Ministries organized the rally by inviting support agencies and counseling centers from across the country to offer help.

“It’s about networking and raising awareness about what resources are available,” said Greg Bufkin of El Roi Ministries.

Some people may be ashamed to seek help in their recovery efforts, and this rally was to let them know that people are out there and willing to help them.

“They can come here in relative anonymity and get information for themselves and a loved one without having to worry about the shame and stigma that is attached to that all of the time,” Bufkin said.

One of the places where people could show their recovery story was on a mural.

“There’s a lot of shame wrapped around addiction, so it gives people in our community the ability to see what addiction and recovery looks like for the individual,” said Joan Zephire, an artist.

Zephire came from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to be at the rally. She organizes a yearly art show in her city focusing on the recovery efforts made by former addicts.

“We do get better, we do get healthier, and we don’t live in that bondage of mental health or addiction and just suffer in silence without help,” Bufkin said.

With table after table offering help and knowing that there is a strong support system available, the road to recovery looks like a good one.

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