Hancock County moving into next year with several big projects

Hancock County moving into 2020 with several big projects

HANCOCK COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Hancock County is moving forward. That was the message shared Thursday morning by Board of Supervisors President Blaine LaFontaine.

During his state of the county address, LaFontaine highlighted several big projects the county has been working on. Those include expansions at Buccaneer State Park and McLeod Park, as well as an expansion at harbor pier 5 expansion in Bay St. Louis.

A new stormwater program is also being implemented to help the county alleviate flooding.

“Forty-six percent of Hancock County lies within a flood zone, which is larger than the area of Stennis Space Center, which is about 41 percent of our county,” explained LaFontaine. “Identifying these watersheds and evaluating our zoning allows us to better manage these areas and protect our properties and investments.”

The stormwater project is expected to cost around $10 million over the next five years.

Another big topic on the agenda, the county’s partnership with the Port and Harbor Commission.

The dredging project in Port Bienville is expected to be completed next year. It’s part of $37 million worth of capital projects planned for the Port Bienville Industrial Park and the Railroad, and Stennis International Airport.

LaFontaine said it’s all about continuing the momentum.

“Hancock County being one of the fastest-growing counties in the state, in my opinion, we have focused on a lot of quality of life assets that we have that are existing, we’ve prioritized workforce development, we’ve been able to track some private investment in our key industries. So for us continuing that momentum, continuing those investments and those partnerships.”

This was the fourth consecutive year for the state of the county address.

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