Diamondhead amenities funding facing the unknown

Diamondhead amenities funding facing the unknown

DIAMONDHEAD, Miss. (WLOX) - Recreational funding in Diamondhead is currently facing some obstacles.

Many residents say what they love about their city is its amenities, which are funded through the Property Owners Association (POA) dues. But some of those dues will no longer be collected next year when the city’s covenants begin expiring.

“We have a lot of folks here in Diamondhead, and it is a valid concern. People want to know what is going to happen after 2020,” said Donald Silcio.

Silcio owns property in Diamondhead and is heavily involved in the youth sports organizations in the area.

Fewer dues will come in to the Property Owners Association in 2020 after the covenants expire. Community members are now actively trying to find a solution to keep funding the amenities in the area.

“Lately, we have been working on a collaboration with the city for different options for when these covenants start to expire. Home owners, members want to know what is going to happen to our beautiful facilities: our pools, our playgrounds, our golf courses, country club,” Silcio explained.

The question remains: how will the amenities that rely on POA dues be funded moving forward?

“You know and that is the million dollar question. Everyone, well the majority of people who live here, moved here for our amenities. How do we pay for them moving forward?" Silicio asked. "If there is no source of revenue after the covenants start to expire. There will be a POA. But once that revenue stream expires, you are not going to have the funds to maintain all these beautiful amenities that we have here.”

Both city and POA leaders are engaging in collaborative meetings to try and address the issue. The Property Owners Association is even hosting a series of town hall events to discuss the issue. The next one is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Diamond Head Country Club on September 23.

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