Environmental conservation festival headed to Gulf Coast

A Cleaner World Festival is a celebration to stimulate awareness, enhance political and public attention, and educate future generations.

Environmental conservation festival headed to Gulf Coast

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - The opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway, the BP Oil Spill and Hurricane Katrina all had long-lasting impacts on the Gulf Coast, many to be felt for years to come.

Conservation organizations and businesses on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are tired of the negative image cast on our hospitality offering. They are setting out to change that.

“Let’s just face it. Where we live here, our environment, we’re gonna continue to have reoccurring events and issues: oil spill, algae bloom, spillways. You name it," said Clear Vision Entertainment owner Glenn Mattina.

Mattina has sat back long enough hoping that things will change.

“And to create some different lifestyles and educate the kids and public on the little things that we can do here just locally, but the big impact that we can make on our environment,” said Mattina.

Environmental conservation festival headed to Gulf Coast
Environmental conservation festival headed to Gulf Coast (Source: Photo WLOX)

He’s not alone. Many other organizations have stepped up to make sure their voice on the Gulf Coast is heard.

“I think there’s power in the public voice," said One Gulf One Goal Director, Marty Wilson.

His organization is taking part in the festival.

“You know, if [the public] wants it, they can fight for it. And then the youth, man, those are our future leaders,” Wilson said. “They might not be able to do something about it now, but if you drive that passion in them and they get passionate about it, knowing they can make a difference... that’s’ huge,” Wilson told WLOX.

The festival is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 28th, at Big Play Entertainment in Biloxi.

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