Some fishermen consuming their catch despite water contact warnings

Fishermen still fishing, despite water warnings

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - The water contact advisories near shore in the Mississippi Sound are still in effect, but that is not stopping some recreational fishermen from throwing in their lines and nets.

Some of the fish caught are being taken home and eaten despite the warnings, and it’s been like this all summer long.

The Fred Urie, Sr., pier at Jones Park in Gulfport is crowded with recreational fishermen.

Richard Stewart loves to crab, and the beauties he pulled up are going home with him.

“I’ve not gotten sick,” he said. “They are beautiful crabs. We’ve got one right here that he’s just pulled out. They are good crabs.”

It was a slow day for Don McKeever, but he’s been known to land a few big reds from this very spot. When he does, there’s a feast.

“I got about 15 last week, and we ate every one of them,” he said. “They were all good. No problems. Nobody got sick.”

Chester Donald was at the pier just for fun and took a more careful approach.

“With this algae bloom problem, I’d rather not eat them,” he said. “And I’d rather keep my hands kind of clean, but I do enjoy fishing and take a little precaution.”

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