Congressman Palazzo: ‘61% of my constituents oppose new gun laws’

Congressman Palazzo: ‘61% of my constituents oppose new gun laws’

GAUTIER, Miss. (WLOX) - Gun control and the Second Amendment are in the national spotlight.

Here in South Mississippi, Congressman Steven Palazzo polled his constituents to find out where they stand on stricter gun laws, and the results are in.

More mass shootings always pour gasoline on the fiery debate over gun control. America is divided over how much federal regulation is needed.

When Congress returns next week, gun control will likely be a lightning rod issue.

Fourth District Rep. Stephen Palazzo, on the Gulf Coast speaking to the Gautier Rotary Club, talked about a survey he put out this week asking his constituents, “Do you support new gun control legislation?”

“In the district, we had about 1,700 respondents. 61% of them said we don’t want any form of gun control. 35% said yes; 4% said they’re unsure,” Palazzo said.

Palazzo said when Congress returns next week from recess, he expects Democrats in the House to make several proposals.

“They’re going to write something that’s either going to be a form of gun registration or confiscation or something that’s going to be an attack on our Second Amendment rights,” Palazzo said.

Palazzo believes new gun control legislation will gain traction in the House with a Democratic majority but will end there.

“They have the votes in the House to pass anything. Elections have consequences. It’s controlled by liberal Democrats, so they can cram anything through the House. Our best bet is to focus on the Senate,” according to the congressman.

Most of the attention is focused on expanding background checks and passing a red flag law to stop potentially dangerous people from getting guns.

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