Tate Reeves says general election campaign will be ‘hard-fought’

Updated: Sep. 3, 2019 at 8:39 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Tate Reeves had his first campaign event since the runoff open to the press Tuesday. He was joined by Congressman Michael Guest for a tour of Stribling Equipment as an example of a Mississippi-owned business that’s creating jobs. Guest expressed his support of Reeves’ bid for Governor and noted the decreased regulations and lowering of taxes that were among the accomplishments under the leadership of Governor Phil Bryant and Lt. Governor Reeves.

Just as on election night, Reeves also maintains he’s heard the Bill Waller supporters and this is what he says he heard.

“There are issues in this race that we need to focus on, that we need to address," explained Reeves. "We need to continue to improve teacher pay in our state. We need to continue to work to improve upon the ways of investing the 1.1 billion dollars in additional monies in infrastructure across our state. We need to continue to look for ways to improve healthcare in rural areas of our state.”

And now he’ll move forward without the endorsement of his primary runoff challenger.

“It’s going to be hard fought all the way up through November," Reeves said. "And it should be. That’s what campaigns are about, talking about the issues that are important to Mississippians. At the end of the election Tuesday the race went back to zero to zero. Nobody is entitled to any votes out there.”

Reeves has worked from the start to frame Jim Hood as the liberal Democrat. And now, he says he’ll be ready to go head to head with him.

“When you consider the liberal ideas that Jim Hood has, we look forward to debating as many times as is possible in our schedule," noted Reeves. "We believe that it’s a great opportunity for the people of Mississippi to see clearly the differences between the two candidates in this race. So, while I can’t give you any specifics right now, we look forward to many debates all throughout Mississippi.”

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