Tigers silence this season’s Mid-South rivalry against Rebels with 15-10 win

Tigers silence this season’s Mid-South rivalry against Rebels with 15-10 win
U of M Tigers take home victory against Ole Miss Rebels. (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - For the first time in almost three years the University of Memphis Tigers and the Ole Miss Rebels went head to head Saturday at the Liberty Bowl bringing fans to their feet with a close game score of 15-10.

The Tigers struck first with Brady White capping off a touchdown drive in the first quarter, bringing the score 7-0. Tigers’ La’Andre Thomas was suspended during the first quarter for targeting fouls due to a new NCAA rule but both teams reared penalties during the first minutes of the game.

Patrick Taylor made a first down for the tigers with nearly two minutes left in the second quarter. By the third down Taylor met defenders at the goal working his way through the end zone to score for the Tigers.

Going into halftime Tigers took the lead with 13 points leaving Rebels to return to the drawing board.

Rebels returned to the field working to push the Memphis defense back. Taylor rushed down the field almost scoring a touchdown after fighting through a block but referees called a flag on the play.

Ole Miss, still holding off the Tigers, made a field goal late in the third quarter bringing the score 13-3.

Going into the fourth quarter, Tigers’ Austin Hall intercepted a touchdown pass to Rebels’ Octavious Cooley. Ole Miss held onto the ball driving down the field.

The Rebels’ Scottie Phillips drove into the end zone with 12 minutes left in the quarter making it the first touchdown of the game for Ole Miss.

The Tigers scored soon after heading the rebels 15-10 with a safety.

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