CPR training coming into Coast junior high schools

CPR training coming into Coast junior high schools

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - CPR training is now at the 100 percent placement level at Coast high schools. But now, thanks to Bancorp South and the American Heart Association, the valuable life-saving training is now being implemented at the junior high level.

"We’re happy to promote these kids, so these kids will learn valuable life-saving skills,” said Bill Briscoe with Bancorp South.

The American Medical Association says CPR training is important because nine out of ten people who have respiratory issues outside of a hospital may not survive. But if they receive CPR, there’s a good chance they’ll make it.

"By all these kids learning this, if it helps save one person, it’s worth it,” Briscoe added.

According to the American Heart Association, globally, cardiac arrest claims more lives than 3 types of cancer, the flu, pneumonia, car accidents, HIV, firearms and house fires combined.

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