Hundreds of families attend MDCPS adoption picnic and celebration

Sunny Brook Adoption Celebration

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - From dunk tanks to bounce houses, families with their adopted and fostered children enjoyed themselves at Sunnybrook Children’s Home, Saturday.

Jasper Lowe, adoption director for Mississippi Department of Child Protective Services, said 657 adoptions were finalized in the last year -- a record breaking number.

“Over the years, we have had families finalize adoptions more and more each year,” said Lowe.

The large number is a shock to Pam Smith; “that’s a lot. That just tells you how -- the need. The need for this. In this area, and all areas.”

She attended the event with her newly adopted granddaughter and grandson and said meeting the other families provides comfort for Smith.

“It’s just a comfort, you see everybody else, nobody’s perfect. Everybody has the same problems as you would with your children, grandchildren and it’s a variety of people,” said Smith.

Though the event is all about fun, Lowe hopes it would spread awareness to the community.

“It helps spread the word that we have children that are in need of families cause a lot for them come from trauma and we have the children we just -- children need homes,” said Smith.

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