Recount for District 50 Senate seat complete, report to be filed with Republican Executive Committee

Recount for District 50 Senate seat complete, report to be filed with Republican Executive Committee

HARRISON CO., Miss. (WLOX) - The recount for the hotly-contested Senate District 50 Senate seat is now complete.

By Saturday afternoon, Scott Delano and his team finished canvassing thousands of ballots, a process that began on Wednesday. Delano contested the results of the race after his opponent Dixie Newman was declared the winner last week by just one vote.

Over the past four days, 6,000 ballots have been tediously hand counted and inspected.

“We hope that the results that we find, and that we file in our report, will have a clear winner," DeLano said. "And we hope that it doesn’t have to go on any further, but we’re going to make sure that every vote is counted, and that there is no uncertainty in the votes that are collected.”

After the recount, Newman said she’s still feeling confident about her razor-thin victory.

“It’s all in God’s hands, but we picked up a couple of votes. He picked up some. We both lost some, but the numbers are still working in my favor so we’re still looking good, feeling good,” she said.

DeLano was also feeling good, saying there’s still a possibility things could change. He said all the data from this recount will now be compiled for a report his team will file on Monday with the Harrison County Republican Executive Committee.

“I think that it’s still up in the air. There’s still some things that we have to note. This is one phase of the contest. We have to now go back and take the data that we’ve received here and compare that to the rest of the data that’s part of this election process,” he said.

Newman said this race is a perfect example of why every one should get out and vote.

“How important voting is. Definitely. Some people thought ‘oh, she had it in the bag,’ or ‘he had it in the bag.’ And so, nah, I’m not going to make it. Or, if you knew you might be out of town, make sure that you vote absentee, and just get involved as well,” she said.

With no opposition in November, the candidate that comes out on top will step into the Senate 50 seat.

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