WATCH: Journalist recounts dramatic crash caught on camera

Driver walks away after crashing into light pole, flipping truck on Hwy 90

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - A dramatic wreck on Highway 90 in Biloxi Thursday was caught on camera by WLOX as the truck veered off the road, struck a light pole, and flipped.

It happened just after noon in front Beauvoir, causing all lanes of the highway to be shut down for over an hour as authorities responded.

Two WLOX vehicles carrying a reporter, a photographer, and photojournalist John Fitzhugh were driving down 90 headed back to the WLOX newsroom when Fitzhugh noticed the truck driving erratically and began to record the driver.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Truck strikes light pole, rolls over

Moments later, the truck swerved off the road, crashing into a light pole in the median, just barely hitting another vehicle.

“You see these kinds of things on TV, but it’s kind of bizarre to see it in real life," said Fitzhugh, a 35-year veteran photojournalist. “The first time, (the driver) almost crossed the median. Had he done so, he certainly would have hit oncoming traffic. The second time, he would have hit oncoming traffic as well, had he not hit that pole.”

Fitzhugh and the woman driving the vehicle that was nearly struck by the truck both jumped out of their vehicles. Fitzhugh ran to help the driver while the woman called 911.

“(The man) was upside down in the truck and he’s hollering at me about the devil and saving my soul and asking if I was his bride,” said Fitzhugh. "There was clearly something wrong.”

Video captured by WLOX shows the man exiting the vehicle on his own. The man stood in the middle of Highway 90 yelling at anyone who tried to help, said Fitzhugh.

He begins walking in circles in the middle of the highway, yelling: “The lord is coming. Repent, repent....I cast out devils!”

American Medical Response and Biloxi Police arrived on the scene shortly after the crash. When AMR tried to offer the man medical treatment, they said he refused. An AMR worker at the scene told WLOX they can’t force anyone to receive medical treatment or a psychological evaluation.

The driver was reportedly driving erratically prior to the crash.
The driver was reportedly driving erratically prior to the crash. (Source: WLOX)

Shockingly, the man was allowed to walk away on his own without any further intervention. Police told us today that the officer on the scene saw no indicators of alcohol impairment. Biloxi Police issued two misdemeanor citations to the driver careless driving and no proof of insurance.

“It strikes me as odd that that can happen without, you know, some sort of an intervention from police, from the medical community, from the psychological community,” said Fitzhugh. To know that this guy was having whatever was going on with him at that time, that he just flips his truck, and walks down the street."

Now, the spot where the truck crashed is missing a light pole - an expense that the city must cover at around $7,000. City officials say as many as a dozen light poles each year have to be replaced due to vehicle crashes.

*WLOX chose to blur the man’s face out of the video since he was not charged with a felony crime and was not identified by authorities.*

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