Moss Point mayor asks court to toss board’s new rules for his conduct, pay

LIVE REPORT: Moss Point mayor asks court to toss board’s new rules for his conduct, pay

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - Moss Point Mayor Mario King on Thursday filed an appeal in Circuit Court to throw out a new policy enacted by the Board of Aldermen that slices his pay, limits his use of a city vehicle, and outlines new policies for operations in the mayor’s office.

The mayor says he just wants to be able to do the job he was elected to do.

The 34-page appeal breaks down an administrative policy enacted by the board last month that cuts the mayor’s pay by 15%, and an additional 5% if the mayor violates any policies. It also limits how far the mayor can drive his city issued vehicle, among other things.

Mayor King’s appeal says the board’s action was “arbitrary and unreasonable,” and that the board voted in favor of it out of retaliation as the city and mayor are facing lawsuits.

Mayor King says placing these limitations on him holds him back from doing his job. He’s hoping a judge throws out the policy and the city can move forward.

“The board and I can really come from this and begin to work together and do what we are statutorily required to do and what we were all elected to do,” King said. "My goal is a little bit different than what people think. I hope that this policy is an eye-opener for all of us so that we can all come together and be able to really and truly rejuvenate Moss Point.”

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