Kale juice may kill cancer cells, Belhaven University researchers say

Kale juice may kill cancer cells, Belhaven University researchers say

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Kale is healthy to eat, but can it also cure cancer? Researchers from Belhaven University are on the verge of answering that question.

“This is a new way of looking at food,” said Dr. Elizabeth Brandon, a biology professor at the university.

For years, Brandon has been testing how whole foods like kale react when they come in direct contact with melanoma cells. She said the idea came about from a former graduate student that started conducting the experiments at Mississippi College.

“...the kale juice turned out to be toxic for the melanoma cell. The concentration that is applied to the cells in the Petri dish is very low. It’s less than .1 percent," said Brandon.

In fact, Brandon said the drops don’t even change the color of the test sample, despite its dark green color.

While her theory has been proven to be true, Brandon said she is unable to test how the kale will work in living organism in the university’s lab.

“There’s a big difference in between observing these effects in Petri dishes and thinking about how foods can be used to maintain health and maybe to minimize the effects of diseases like cancer,” she said.

As she waits for other scientists to take the research further, Brandon is testing other foods and types of cancer.

“We have tested kava extracts, we are interested in raspberries. We’ve used liver cancer cells, we’ve used a line of colon cancer cells. We have some breast cancer cells that we want to test," she added.

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