Bunnies invade California neighborhood

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KPIX/CNN) - A California neighborhood is overrun with bunnies. That may sound adorable, but residents facing damaged yards and debris say it’s anything but cute.

The whole thing started in December when neighbors in a cul-de-sac noticed a few little rabbits sitting on their front lawns.

"I called my wife over to show it to her because we all thought it was pretty cute at first,” said resident Mike Christopher.

But, like the rabbits themselves, the problem multiplied. By March, they were everywhere.

“There's rabbits all over the street, all over the sidewalks, all over the grass and it slowly went from - actually pretty fast - it went from seven to 10 to about 50 rabbits just all over the neighborhood. And then from there it started to not be cute anymore,” Christopher said.

During the heat of the day, the bunnies hide underneath cars, making people nervous about pulling out of their driveways.

In the evening, they come out and residents say they dig holes under fences and houses and dine on the roots of their plants.

"There’s always a deep (hole), where they’re digging in the palm tree, every time both palm trees, digging to the roots,” said resident Darrell Stovall.

And then, there’s the mess.

"Anytime you have to go outside, it would be rabbit pellets. You'd clean them all up and sweep your driveway and then, boom, they're back,” said Christopher.

Christopher says he's tried collecting the babies for animal rescue, but more just keep arriving.

They say the rabbits are coming from a nearby house and they believe someone living there may have a pet hoarding problem.

The problem is affecting the entire neighborhood.

"It's sad, because, take responsibility for your animals. Keep them in your yard, that's what I keep saying. Keep them in your yard, not everyone else's yard,” said Stovall.

So far, they say animal control hasn't done much and the problem may be spreading. Social media posts from neighborhoods more than a mile away and across a nearby major highway are reporting bunnies in that area now.

It's possible they're reproducing in the wild, but someone also reported seeing a man releasing four rabbits into Hillcrest Park recently.

The neighbors hope city officials will begin taking the problem more seriously and take action against the people they say are actually causing the problem.

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