Hancock High breaks ground on new field house

Hancock High breaks ground on new field house

HANCOCK, Miss. (WLOX) - Hancock High School hosted a scrimmage Saturday showcasing much of what the Hawks plan to do on the field this year. But, that wasn’t the only thing put on display.

“This is a new era for Hancock County. It is just a beautiful facility that we are going to have. Our kids and our visitors will have quite an experience from this building," said school board member Billy Thomas.

The $1.3 million field house project has many residents in the community buzzing. Dozens of people came out to celebrate the occasion.

“I am telling you I am a big Mississippi State fan, and I have seen what their facility looks like, and these kids are going to be in a college facility when they come in here for athletics,” said Thomas.

Hancock’s Athletic Director Jamie Sisco is excited about the future but wanted to stress how many people helped make this possible.

“You know, the biggest thing from my standpoint with this entire project, along with all the others, is just how appreciative I am of our community who voted for this: our administration, our school board, our superintendent, who supported that plan that we tried to put in place because we couldn’t do it without them," said Sisco. "That is my biggest thing. I just talked about as a team who we have here. It is just a group effort and everyone does their part.”

At the ceremony, almost everyone present grabbed a photo with a shovel in hand. The new facility is set to accommodate more than just the football team, and it has football head coach Neil Lollar counting his blessings.

“Right now, we currently train about 3 other sports in our field house, which I can expect them to continue in our new field house in the weight lifting portion," said Loller. "I am just looking forward to sharing that with everybody. I am just blessed to be here at the right time and for this project to be taking steps forward.”

The field house project is part of a larger bond that has already renovated the softball facility as well as the gym.

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