Sunday begins Hurricane Camille memorial week

Sunday begins Hurricane Camille memorial week

JACKSON, Miss. (WLOX) - On Aug. 17, 1969, one of the worst storms in U.S. history hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

After Hurricane Camille made landfall near Waveland, 256 lives were lost, along with 21,280 homes and close to 700 businesses.

As the 50th anniversary of the storm approaches, Gov. Phil Bryant wanted to make sure the historic event was commemorated in a fitting way, with not just one day of reflection, but an entire week.

Earlier this month, Bryant signed a proclamation dedicating Aug. 11-17 as Hurricane Camille 50th Anniversary Commemoration Week.

“Whereas, by promoting preparedness information about the dangers to the public’s health and safety that hurricanes pose and helping with relief efforts when these powerful storms strike, we can reduce the loss of life and property and help our neighbors recover more quickly from their devastating effects. With education, preparation, forecasting and coordination, we can save lives and improve Mississippi’s ability to withstand the impact of hurricanes," part of the proclamation read.

Hurricane Camille Proclamation mark 50 years. Hurricane Camille - 50th Anniversary Commemoration Week August 11-17, 2019

Posted by Rupert Lacy on Friday, August 9, 2019

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