MDEQ continues water sampling in Mississippi Sound

MDEQ continues water sampling in Mississippi Sound

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) -The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality continues testing local waters from the harmful algae bloom. Right now, all 21 swimming stations on the Gulf Coast are under swimming advisories due to the blue-green algae.

On Friday, MDEQ'S Logan Myers suited up and took water samples.

"We get him in waders, so he doesn’t have contact with the water. We have sample jars; we go out and collect samples,” said Steven Bailey, MDEQ field services chief. "We take that jar, put it in the truck, go back to the lab, look under the microscope and see if the microcystis is present or not, or in bloom.”

Because of that harmful algae bloom, MDEQ and other agencies have been under the microscope since they said it’s not safe to swim in the Sound near the beach.

“This has kind of been a new experience for us, the HAB, the runoff from the Bonnet Carré Spillway,” Bailey added. “If it’s in bloom, or if the algae is present, we’re going to issue the water contact advisory.”

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