The Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower is reaching its peak

You may see some shooting stars before the sunrise

Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - For all of you that love astronomy, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for some shooting stars! The Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower is reaching its peak near the end of July.

The Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower actually occurs from July 12 until August 23, but it is going to peak around July 28 through July 30. This meteor shower is more visible in the Southern Hemisphere. However, we may see up to 10-20 meteors per hour at its peak in the Northern Hemisphere.

The best time for viewing any meteors will be between midnight and the sunrise. These meteors appear to come from the constellation of Aquarius in the southern sky. According to NASA, the particles that interact with our atmosphere to create the Delta Aquarids may originate from a comet called Comet Macholtz.

These meteors are not expected to be very bright, so they may be difficult to spot. Allowing your eyes to adjust to the darkness for 30 minutes will give you a better chance at spotting them. The farther away you are from city lights, the better the chance you have at seeing these meteors.

Thankfully, the moon at this time is a waning crescent. There won’t be much moonlight to hinder viewing. We also are expecting mostly clear skies at night through Tuesday.

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