Retired USM professor organizing Midwest bike ride to promote living donor kidney transplants

Retired USM professor to lead ride for kidney transplant awareness

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A retired University of Southern Mississippi professor of music will be leading a bicycle ride through the Midwest to promote live-donor kidney transplants.

Denny Behm, 79, is training on the Longleaf Trace for an upcoming 300-mile ride in September from his hometown in Iowa to Minnesota, in hopes of raising awareness of living donor transplants.

Behm is a donor, who gave one of his kidneys to a friend in Minnesota about a decade ago.

“It’s the most rewarding and satisfying thing you can do,” said Behm. “One in every 500 people are born with only one kidney, it’s a redundant organ, you don’t need two to survive.”

Some of Behm’s former students are joining him on his ride.

Megan Wilkinson, assistant director of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at USM, is also taking part.

“That’s the name of the ride, which is YONOK, You Only Need One Kidney, so that’s what we’re trying to raise awareness of, and I think Denny is doing an incredible thing by doing that,” said Wilkinson.

Behm’s ride will take place Sept. 2-7.

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