Republican candidates face off in first gubernatorial debate

Republican candidates face off in first gubernatorial debate

JACKSON, Miss. (WLOX) - All three Republican candidates running for governor in Mississippi faced off for the first time Tuesday in a debate.

Robert Foster, Tate Reeves and Bill Waller, Jr. shared the stage for the first time, each hoping to make a strong impression on Republican voters.

The debate did not start with opening statements but each candidate was given 60 seconds to answer main questions and 30 seconds for rebuttal and closing statements.

The candidates were asked the following questions:

  • Why do you want to be governor?
  • How will women be included in your administration?
  • Do you support language in medical marijuana on the ballot?
  • What is a fair starting wage for MS teachers?
  • Is it time to raise the gas tax to help pay for improvements in infrastructure?
  • Would you consider a proposal to take federal money to help insure Mississippians?
  • Would you consider forcing people to work to qualify for medicaid?
  • Would you consider raising the minimum wage in Mississippi?
  • Do you support the sale of the state license plate?
  • Does the state flag that includes the confederate battle flag emblem hinder Mississippi’s ability to attract new businesses to the state?
  • Would you support expanding the use of vouchers for private schools beyond just students with special needs?
  • Would you allocate state funds to rebuild the Gulf Coast economy after the reopening of the Bonnet Carre spillway?

Reeves honed in on being “the only conservative running." He said President Trump drives the liberals in Washington mad, and that we [Mississippi] needs a governor that’s strong enough to take a fight to the liberals.

Foster’s last words were how President Trump ran his campaign on draining the swamp, and how he also believes the swamp needs to be drained in Jackson. He promised to put God first in everything he does.

Waller reiterated his background and experience as a MS Supreme Court Justice and vowed he was the conservative Republican who can win in November.

The debate was hosted by a local TV station in Jackson and was just an hour long.

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