Remembering the Apollo 11 landing at the Infinity Science Center

Remembering the Apollo 11 landing at the Infinity Science Center

PEARLINGTON, Miss. (WLOX) - As of Saturday, 50 years have passed since a man, Neil Armstrong to be exact, first stepped foot on the moon. Many people remember that iconic day.

Peter Macaluso Jr. remembers seeing the Apollo astronauts being rocketed to the cosmos 50 years ago.

“When this happened I was at Disney World, me and my wife, and we saw it go up,” Macaluso said.

He’s been looking forward to sharing that memory with his great-grandchildren for a long time, and he’s not alone. People poured into the Infinity Science Center to commemorate the historic race to the moon.

"I actually was at Johnson Space Center coincidentally for the 25th, so it’s really amazing to be here with my family for the 50th," said Marcelle Piglia, a visiting mother.

You can revisit the Apollo 11 landing on any day by finding original archived footage online, but sometimes you want feel as though you are actually there on top of the Saturn V rocket yourself.

At the Infinity Center, a virtual reality Apollo 11 launch simulator lets you do that.

“My favorite part of the movie was experiencing what it was like to be an astronaut and on the moon and in space,” said Ruby Spreen, a young visitor.

“When you land on the moon it’s as if you’re in the astronaut suits, so when you’re jumping down on the lunar surface you can see your shadow and foot prints,” Piglia said.

Piglia wants this day to serve as an example to her son that he can do anything if he puts his mind to it.

“If he wants to be an astronaut, if he wants to be a scientist, he can do it,” she said.

The futures of these children, like the future of returning to space, is open to a lot of potential.

Until things are for certain, they can just reflect on the past.

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