Photo of dog riding on back of moving tow truck sparks outrage

Photo of dog riding on back of moving tow truck sparks outrage
A photo showing a dog riding on the back of a tow truck sparked online outrage.

WALTHAM, MA (WBZ/CNN) – An investigation is underway in Massachusetts after a photo showing a dog on a moving tow truck flatbed drew outrage online.

Michael Gerry said he was driving when he looked over and saw the dog.

"My blood pressure went through the roof,” Gerry said. “It looked like a stuffed animal, so I got up a little closer and really got a good look at it."

He took a picture, then tried to get the driver’s attention before calling police.

He also tried to follow the truck but eventually lost it. So, he decided to post the photo on Facebook.

Outraged animal lovers posted complaints to the Facebook page of Ramsay’s Towing, the company that owns the truck.

The company in turn posted a statement saying they fired the driver over the incident.

WBZ reports that people who worked at Ramsay’s Towing said the driver takes his dog to work sometimes, but for this tow some people needed a ride, which is why the dog rode in the back.

Gerry told WBZ that although the dog was leashed, “There was enough slack on that leash that that dog could have easily fallen off the side and been caught up in the tire and [the driver] would have never known."

Police said the dog is with its owner and is said to be fine.

Massachusetts State Police and the Animal Rescue League of Boston are investigating the incident.

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