Barry bringing tropical rains to South Mississippi

Main threat: flooding

10 PM Tropical Storm Barry Update 7.12.19

Barry is strengthening and is still moving slowly. The thing to remember with slow moving storms is that they are big rain makers, and that is bad news for wherever Barry moves ashore and the the east of where is makes landfall. It is still expected to be a hurricane when it makes a Louisiana landfall early on Saturday morning. Flooding rain remains coastal Mississippi’s greatest threat. Basically, we know it’s going to rain and we are going to see coastal flooding. We just aren’t quite sure how much rain we will see, so it is best to prepare for worst case which would be up to 10 inches of rain in some areas.

The winds will increase Saturday, but the biggest threat is from the expected heavy rain showers. Greatest threat for flash flooding especially from training rain bands. Those heavy rains could linger into Sunday, depending on the track of Barry.

Flash Flood Watch

Hurricane Local Statement

Tropical Storm Watch

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Storm Surge Warning for Harrison and Hancock Counties. Storm Surge Watch for Jackson County.

Storm Surge is 2′ to 5 ' for Hancock and Harrison Counties and 2′ to 4′ for Jackson. Most of the inundation will be along the coast, in low-lying areas which typically flood, along rivers, bays and inlets.