Be Local: Quave Bros. Po’Boys serving sandwiches the Back Bay way

Be Local: Quave Bros. Po’Boys serving sandwiches the Back Bay way

D’IBERVILLE Miss. (WLOX) - At Quave Brothers, it’s all about po’boys made the old school way, dressed and pressed, just like the Back Bay folks have been ordering them for generations.

"The Quaves have had a business on Central Avenue in D’Iberville since the 1800s,” said Jason Quave.

After Hurricane Katrina interrupted that string, Bronson and Jason Quave decided to revive the family business about a year ago when they saw a need for the kind of food they and many others from this area grew up with, so they wrote up a blueprint for their restaurant.

“We would run into people that would say ‘hey, when are ya’ll bringing it back?’” said Bronson Quave. “We’d always get together a couple times a year and make some shrimp po’boys, reminisce, and realize we’re missing this around here.”

This being po’boys, from shrimp, crabmeat and oyster, to the pot roast debris-style po’boys that require at least 10 napkins to maneuver and maybe even some homemade bread pudding.

“Just old school stuff. Back Bay style,” Jason added. “Simple stuff like crabmeat and gumbo. Simple, but easy and good tasting. Grandmas cooking. It’s a po’boy, we don’t try to overthink it too much.”

They said that same philosophy holds true with everything else on the menu and with their growing business.

"Usually it takes a couple of years to get it going, but we were fortunate enough that we blew it up right out of the gate,” Bronson added.

Quave Brothers Po’Boys is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

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