Harrison County EMA preparing for possible tropical system

Harrison County EMA preparing for possible tropical system

HARRISON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - While the tropical forecast is uncertain for this week, it’s never a bad time to start getting prepared, and that’s the message emergency management officials have for residents.

“You can’t take these storms lightly,” said Harrison County EMA director, Rupert Lacy.

Lacy is watching the forecast closely.

“In a day or two, we might have a tropical depression. We might have a tropical storm or maybe just a rain event,” said Lacy. “The Gulf is hot temperature-wise. There hasn’t been anything to truly stir it up yet.”

Lacy has been through all kinds of storms and knows they can be unpredictable. His staff is on notice in case they need to go into action.

“Some of our key players have already checked in,” Lacy said. “We’re not standing up yet, even though we’re always ready to stand up. But without a system in the Gulf right now, it’s hard to say when we would have to. We’re asking our partners to make sure they’re ready for a rain event.”

The first tropical threat of the season is a good chance for residents to start thinking about a hurricane plan.

“Those little steps that we encourage people to do, it may not hurt to go ahead and look at that if you haven’t already done it this season,” said Lacy.

Although the forecast remains uncertain, Lacy is prepared for all scenarios.

“The Gulf is prime, so we just have to be ready for whatever mother nature throws at us.”

For more information on how to prepare for hurricanes, you can visit here.

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