U.S. Women’s soccer bringing excitement and hope to the Coast

US Women's soccer team brings excitement to the Coast

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - The American Outlaws are one of the largest U.S soccer support groups in the country. Each time the men or women pull on the stars and stripes, different chapters gather across the state to support. Chapter 152 in Ocean Springs is no different as Spencer Buskirk organized a gathering for the women’s game against France Friday afternoon.

“The U-S, the U-S, the U-S of Aaaaaaa!”

That was all the excited attendees got out as Megan Rapinoe scored her second goal of the day.

“We try to get some momentum. We try to get the excitement built up by chanting," said Chapter President Spencer Buskirk. "To have it finish in a goal, I mean that doesn’t happen every time, but when it does happen, it just blows up with excitement.”

The chants happened on and off all game long. No matter where you were sitting at Woody’s Roadside in Ocean Springs, you felt like you had a front row seat for the game. Buskirk knows this team is special though, and more than deserving of his support as they continue to inspire the next generation.

“I’ve coached some young girls and they talk about Morgan, Alex Morgan and Rapinoe, and they really look up to them. They admire them and they try to emulate them when I am coaching; you can see it,” Buskirk said.

He is not the only one on the coast with these opinions. Ben Wilder is the President of the Coast Soccer Club and believes that as good as the team is, their quality is just part of what makes them special.

“Well yeah, that is what you love about any American team, but especially this one. The diversity, and the breath of the team. The way they wear the colors, the pride they show, even the political stances they take each gives the girls the confidence that they can one day grow and lead as well,” Wilder said.

This couldn’t be more evident than when you ask a few of the younger national team fan’s their thoughts on the players.

“I love how some of the girls are fighting for women’s rights and equal pay,” said Lexi Lomax.

While this team is known for standing up for what they believe in, they are also the defending champions of the world. Each time they play, they help to inspire the next generation.

“I am very exited to see them play in general, but to watch them in the final would be like the best thing ever. Because, you know, I would dream about being on that team, and seeing that team get to be the champions of the world would be pretty cool,” said Summer Taylor.

Taylor and her club team are slated to go to Europe and test their skills in the next few weeks. While there, Taylor hopes to watch Alex Morgan and company claim another World Cup for the United States of America.

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