Families celebrate Father’s Day on last day of Summer Fair

Families celebrate Father’s Day on last day of Summer Fair

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Dads put a fun twist on Father’s Day by spending time at the 33rd annual South Mississippi Summer Fair.

Joseph Williams taught his youngest son how to play skee-ball on Sunday afternoon.

“Want to do it again? Alright. Roll it up there real fast,” he said.

Williams said it felt natural to use the fun day as a learning opportunity.

“It makes me feel great, just to be able to inspire them and teach them how to do better," he explained.

For him, moments like those serve as a reminder of the true meaning of fatherhood.

“It means the world. You get to provide and take care of your kids and show them how to grow up and be a man themselves," Williams said.

Families walked around the Coliseum grounds on the last day of the Summer Fair. Emma Wantland, who was there with her dad and siblings, said the fair atmosphere matched her dad’s personality.

“He’s funny, he’s loving, kind caring, like the American dream,” she said.

Kids were serious about getting their dads onto the rides and off the sidelines.

“My little one won’t let me do that, even if I get out there and have to hold back a little bit of puke back," said Gulfport resident Larry McDonald.

Even on their special day, fathers at the fair could not help but to be selfless.

“They deserve it, and to be a good father, you have to spend time besides your work with your family," said Scott Khong of Ocean Springs.

“You’d really do anything to see them happy. To see the smile on their faces,” said Charles McLaurin of Gulfport.

Sunday was also the last day of the Summer Fair.

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