Saucier dirt pit debate back on the table

Saucier dirt pit debate back on the table

SAUCIER, Miss. (WLOX) -The controversial dirt pit in Saucier is making news again.

A local businessman wanted to use the pit for his trucking business, but the Harrison County Planning Commission denied that request after a lot of opposition from residents who live near the pit.

Conan Simmons has since purchased the pit and wants to try again to get it back into service to move and haul dirt.

At Monday’s Harrison County Board of Supervisors’ meeting, an area traffic study request by Simmons was debated and then approved by the board.

Rusty Saucier lives just off Yankeetown Road. He and area residents have been opposed to the dirt pit from the beginning and have compiled a list of recent accidents near this curve where dump trucks would be entering and exiting the road if the pit becomes active again.

"They’re going to do a safety study on this road, and they’re going to check the traffic speed for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. That doesn’t cover it all,” Saucier said. “Any cars coming around this curve at a high rate of speed is going to run into a truck if it pulls out or if it’s pulling in because they’re going slow in both directions.”

The traffic study is set to happen later this summer. From there, the dirt pit issue would head back to the planning commission.

Meanwhile, Simmons said he hopes the traffic study will put to rest any safety concerns about reopening the dirt pit on Yankeetown Road. He also said if the planning commission rejects his latest proposal, he’s taking the matter to court.

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