Campers get firsthand experience and safety lessons at Biloxi fire camp

Biloxi Fire Camp

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Some Coast kids are spending this week learning about safety and the life of a firefighter at the annual Academy for Kids Camp.

The camp teaches kids all kinds of lessons designed to save lives.

The fire academy and camp offers a very real look at fire dangers. Usually, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. During one part of the program, campers learned Exit Drills In The House, also called Edith.

Kids learn valuable life-saving techniques.

“I learned that whenever the fire alarm goes off, you should roll out of bed, put a blanket or pillow in front of the door, feel if the back of the door is hot and then go out the window,” said camp participant Sophia Kuljis.

It’s important for the firefighters to reach out to children.

“If we can get them when they’re young and show them about fire safety and how to make your home safe, they’ll go back home and talk to their parents and get some results for us,” said Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney.

The youngsters from all over the Coast got to see what happens at a real fire station. Among other things, they watched a firefighter put on all of his gear in less than 2 minutes. The exercise humanizes the look of a rescuer, who when fully dressed, can be overwhelming for kids.

“When they get all that on, they look like Darth Vader. It scares children. If we show them exactly what each piece is, then it takes away a lot of that fear,” Chief Boney said.

“I learned about all the equipment that the firefighters use when they’re in the fire and how it all works,” said camper Isabella Byers.

The summer program also brings in the state fire marshal to talk about smoke detectors and other safety measures. The Department of Marine Resources has a session dedicated to water safety and first responders teach the kids basic medical care.

Unfortunately, the camp is full this year. But you can always plan ahead and enroll your children in 2020.

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