Update on JoJo: South Mississippi’s favorite marsupial visits the vet

JoJo Kangaroo Update

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Now that JoJo is finally back in Cody Breland’s arms, the two plan on taking it easy.

“He just needs some well-earned rest. I think we all do honestly,” said Breland.

Yet JoJo’s road to recovery doesn’t just consist of rest.

“JoJo basically is suffering from a mild case of Rhabdomyolysis or Capture Myopathy. He was lucky in the fact that while he was out there any burst of speed, and that type of thing were done over short distances. He was also lucky that it was raining, so he never got truly dehydrated," said Dr. James Askew.

Capture Myopathy causes the muscles to work in ways they usually don’t, and in severe cases can cause severe pain, kidney or liver failure and even death.

Askew helped search for JoJo whilst he was hopping around the Coast and said while symptoms are mild, it is important to monitor JoJo’s condition closely over the next few days.

“What we’re trying to assess is his long term effects of South Mississippi. There are parasites here. There are fungi here. There are things in the normal ground that we are used to, but he is not," said Dr. Askew

The lively kangaroo also picked up a minor infection whilst on the loose. But they are expecting the symptoms to subside now that treatment is officially underway. With this scare now behind him, Breland just wanted to thank everyone for their efforts.

“It was the craziest thing because everyone was just rallying together to find him," said Breland. "Just the Bayou View community is so tight knit, and everyone communicates so well. I think that really contributed to us being able to pinpoint where he was at all times because people were sighting him everywhere and calling in.”

While the doctors have advised a much-needed rest and recovery period, JoJo’s much anticipated public return remains up in there air until he is full recovered.

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