WATCH: Dramatic dash-cam video shows drunk Greyhound bus driver crash off side of interstate

Dash cam video shows Greyhound bus crash

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Dramatic dash cam footage shows the moments leading up to and following a Greyhound bus crashing off the side of the interstate in January 2019.

The driver, 31-year-old Erika Nixon, was initially charged with misdemeanor DUI following the crash, but those chargers were upgraded to felony aggravated DUI.

An accident report from the night of the crash states that Nixon was inebriated when she was driving the bus eastbound on Pascagoula Street. She ended up losing control on the southbound entrance ramp to I-55.

Nixon told officers on scene that she lost control of the bus due to weather conditions.

The report states that several passengers on the bus told officers that the driver was speeding, and she lost control because of how fast she was going.

The responding officers also noted in the report that they could smell a strong alcohol odor coming from Nixon.

Their suspicions of her drinking were confirmed after a breathalyzer test. The accident report states that Nixon had a blood alcohol content of .15.

Drivers of commercial vehicles are legally drunk when their blood alcohol concentration is .04 percent or greater.

Investigators said 22 of the approximate 30 people on board were transported from the scene to local hospitals. All reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Greyhound Lines, Incorporated released a statement following the crash saying,

Greyhound employees are strictly prohibited from coming onto company premises, reporting to work or working with prohibited substances in their systems. Additionally, drivers and mechanics are subject to a drug and alcohol testing program that includes pre-employment screening as well as random, post-accident, reasonable cause, return to duty and follow-up physical examination testing in order to ensure the safety of customers and team members.

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