UTSA student-support shines bright in South Mississippi

The Roadrunner’s deep tourney run was aided by superior student support


BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Three UTSA Students are becoming stars on social media for their vigorous support of their school’s baseball team, the Road Runners! Joe Rodriguez, Noel Llanes and Connor Smith made the trip from Texas to support the team in the Conference USA Baseball Tournament Saturday.

“It means a lot. But at the end of the day, we’re just fans. It is all about the team. It is all about what those boys in orange and blue do. We’re just a bunch of idiots in the stands,” said Rodriguez.

Yet the players and supporters of the Road Runners couldn’t disagree more, as many alumni helped raise money to get these boys to Biloxi.

“Basically, just asking for donations, and charitable people want to help us out. Alumni love us. Baseball dads love us, and everyone just wants to see us go support our people,” said Llanes.

In fact, so much money was raised, the boy’s entire trip was paid for.

Whether it be chanting at the pitcher or celebrating every run like their lives depended on it. The boys say it is all in good fun though.

“All the opposing teams love it,” said Smith. "Our players love it, and it kind of breaks the barrier between fans and players. And we’re all just having a good time out here.

As much fun as they’re having, none of the boys ever expected to make it all the way to Biloxi for the conference tournament.

“At the start of it, we were like let’s go to some baseball games, yell at some players, make some people mad and love our school. It is what we do. We never thought it would get to the point that we are traveling out of the state to go cheer on everyone," Llanes explained. “Yesterday was our beach day. So, I never thought I would wear this [a Sriracha costume] with a flamingo floatie and a bunch of pool noodles and stuff. It is just surreal.”

While UTSA was eliminated in the Semis, the school left their mark on and off the field this week.

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