Local business replaces stolen school supplies

Local business replaces supplies stolen from Woolmarket school

WOOLMARKET, Miss. (WLOX) - When there is a need for someone in South Mississippi to step up, someone always does.

When thieves stole school supplies from Woolmarket Elementary, including several ukuleles a couple of weeks ago, the teacher and her students were devastated.

“We had lost a lot of the things that I had placed orders for for next year,” said gifted program teacher Tina Abshire. “I wasn’t gong to have those to start the year with. I was probably going to have to go pay for some of it out of my pocket also.”

Employees of Wharton Smith Construction Group were equally touched, and in a “team effort,” they pitched in to replace the stolen items.

“We felt compelled to help,” said Austin Matthews, estimator for the company.

“For me personally, music is very important. I play multiple instruments. Its just something kind of hits home for me,” Matthews said. “Any time we can help the community that we serve, we want to help.”

Abshire said she was "floored” when she heard the supplies would be replaced.

“I can’t even express how happy we are," she said.

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