Harrison County exploring options to improve Lorraine Road work complex

Harrison County exploring options to improve Lorraine Road work complex

HARRISON CO., Miss. (WLOX) - Harrison County is looking to improve working conditions for several dozen of its employees. Supervisors say the conditions of the county’s work center are quickly deteriorating.

“You can stand in each one of these buildings and see outside at some points," said Supervisor Beverly Martin. “Even the ones that we tried to kind of try to put some paint on and do something. But the ceilings are all collapsing, the buildings are rusty tin buckets.”

“Every time it rains, these offices flood, if you want to call them offices, the buildings flood.”

Martin says a complete overhaul of the county’s work center on Lorraine Road is long overdue.

Right now, the county is taking the first steps, working with LPK Architects to complete a special needs assessment to determine how to best move forward.

“(The architect) spoke to all seven of these departments to see what they needed, how much space they needed, how much square foot, and how much storage space,” said Martin.

Based on that information, LPK recommended relocating the facility.

Martin says they’ll have to take a closer look at the costs of relocating versus the costs of rebuilding at the current site.

Martin says they hope this will be an opportunity to bring all seven county departments together in one place. Right now, only five work from this complex.

It could also be an opportunity for a more accessible facility.

“There’s no red lights," said Martin. “So when you try to turn in and out of this area, especially during rush hour, it’s pretty unsafe.”

Martin stressed nothing is set in stone yet, but she’s glad to see the ball rolling.

“These guys work hard, and sometimes the public doesn’t see what they do," she said. "But they certainly see the results, so we certainly want to take good care of them and if it takes three or four years down the road, then it takes three or four years down the road. But at least, it’s a start.”

County supervisors say they hope to have an estimated cost for the project within the next month and a half.

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