Plans to be presented for a ‘recreational community’ in Gautier

Seymour Engineering will present its plans for the 33-acre space to city leaders Tuesday night

Plans to be presented for a ‘recreational community’ in Gautier

GAUTIER, Miss. (WLOX) - Gautier city leaders are bringing their vision for more recreational areas to life, and we’ll soon get a glimpse at it.

The city owns 33 acres of land on the Singing River Mall property just north of the roundabout. Mayor Phil Torjusen said once transformed, it will be called Town Commons. The first step is drawing up the plans. Seymour Engineering will present its plans Tuesday night.

“They’re going to do a presentation of some plans they’ve been working on. They’ve been getting input from different council members and citizens,” Torjusen said. “Could be a vote on it."

The mock up isn’t public yet, but Torjusen said Town Commons will include a football field for intramural sports, a pickleball area, an amphitheater and a pond for activities like kayaking.

“It ties into the future vision of everything. You have the Town Commons up there, and eventually when we get the mall development going over there it will really all tie into a town center,” the mayor added.

Area businesses said they’re looking forward to the development.

“Change, a good change will be good for the community,” said barber Brandon Fantroy. “It will be great for business and the whole development of Gautier.”

Fantroy works at Flawless Fades Barber Shop across the street from the Singing River Mall. Their shop is busy every single day but welcomes new business.

“The young kids will have something to do, won’t stay inside playing video games all day. It’ll be great. A lot of business. A lot of opportunity for a lot of people,” Fantroy added.

Torjusen said once voted on, the project will be completed in three phases.

The public is invited to attend Tuesday’s meeting to hear Seymour Engineering’s plans. It begins at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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