Moss Point residents, city officials meet to discuss 2% restaurant tax

Moss Point residents, city officials meet to discuss 2% restaurant tax

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - Moss Point city leaders met Thursday night with residents to discuss a proposed restaurant tax.

The meeting at city hall aimed to provide more information on the 2% tax, which need to be voted on by residents before it goes into effect. That tax would be applied to prepared food with the money going to grow the city’s parks and recreation division.

City officials say the restaurant tax would net the city a projected $400,000 in revenue to put towards parks and recreational projects.

While many agree with Moss Point’s goal to renovate and build new facilities for the city’s children, some think they shouldn’t have to bear the costs.

“I have to live on a budget. How much more do you expect us to pay?," questioned one resident.

Mayor Mario King responded, saying “Our kids can’t wait either.”

At the meeting, King explained that 95 percent of the sales tax revenue would go toward parks and recreation projects while the other five percent would promote tourism in the city.

Those not in favor say the city should find other options to save money instead of putting the burden on restaurant owners but those in support of the tax say recreational projects are needed to give kids more productive activities, which will help retain families in Moss Point.

An election to decide the issue will be held on May 28.

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