Harrison County senior fishing event a good way to socialize

Harrison County senior fishing event a good way to socialize

HARRISON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - At 92, William Monk has learned a lot about fishing. His tactics always seem to work.

“Well, I’ve caught three fish. I haven’t fished in quite some time, so, that’s a good thing. I usually turn ‘em loose, but today I’m going to keep a couple of them to eat," Monk said.

The Wishin’ You Were Fishin’ picnic for seniors on Thursday, sponsored by Harrison County, has been around for a few years.

This is the second year at Hay Fever Farm in Lyman.

It is one of many activities for seniors in Harrison County, and one of only a few that are outside. Although fishing is the premise behind the event, it’s so much more.

“It just keeps them active in their golden years, and that’s what we’re trying to do by allowing them to socialize,” said Eunice Hollingsworth, executive director of county senior services. “We think this is one great way to do it.”

Monk agreed.

“You can’t just stay inside and stay in that chair all day long,” he said. “You’ve got to get out and be active.”

The event attracted about 120 seniors from all seven senior centers in Harrison County.

It is part of Older American's Month celebrations with the theme: “Connect, Create and Contribute.”

Lonnie Fountain landed his limit of 10 fish from the pond.

“This is a great deal they put on here,” he said. “You can see all the seniors all around here. They are enjoying the heck out of it.”

Not all are experts.

“It was amazing to me the first time we did it how many people had never been fishing,” said Harrison County Supervisor Angel Middleton. “So, that made it a little more exciting, because people at that age had never done it.”

Ann Spann, however, has been around it for a long time.

“I love, love, love fishing. Love it,” she said. “So, this was a chance to get out and I got out.”

Marvin Nelson is participating for his first time.

“It’s relaxing,” he said. “You bet. It’s just relaxing and enjoyable to be out and about with the other people, you know socializing.”

This event is planned twice a year, and another will be scheduled sometime this fall.

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