Pink Tax? Goods marketed towards women may cost more

The items vary from hygiene products to clothes and toys.

Pink Tax? Goods marketed towards females may cost more

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - We buy certain things all the time -- soaps, deodorant and sometimes even razors. While they do come from the same brands, it doesn’t mean they’re always set at the same price.

According to Dr. Nicholas Hill, an associate professor at Jackson State University, pink tax is defined as, “when there is a different price or a higher price that is placed on goods that is purchased or consumed by women, versus similar products that are consumed by men.”

Hill said this higher price point usually falls on items that are marketed towards females.

“There is something about how they market to females that says 'Hey, I am willing, from a consumer standpoint, I am willing to pay more for this particular product because of how it looks. Because of it has this component or likeness that’s associated with me,” he said.

The product can be very similar in use or purpose, but sometimes consumers pay more because it comes in a more feminine color.

“For example, in retail, certain colors like red cars seem to be higher price than other cars. So if we put that same type of philosophy to pink, certain goods that [are] pink may have a higher price associated with it as well.”

Pink tax items can extend way beyond what you find at your local drug store.

“We’re starting to see that, for example, toys, when you think about different toys such as action figures and dolls, and things of that nature, the action figures that are female have maybe a slightly higher price than those that have male figures to it,” said Hill.

The price differences vary - 3% for hygiene products, up to 5% on clothing and 8% on toys.

Those percentages can add up but Hill said to combat it, just check the price.

“One of the ways that I think to do is to shop. Shop around. Find the best product that’s available,” he said.

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