Pearl River County residents deal with the aftermath of weekend downpours

Pearl River County residents deal with the aftermath of weekend downpours

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - As floodwaters recede in Pearl River County, officials are starting to get a grasp on just how widespread the damage is from this weekend’s downpours.

There’s no way in and no way out for those living in Indian Village. Not by car, anyway.

“Basically, we’re stranded here. We have to get people to give us rides just to get groceries, and for us, it’s pretty much an emergency situation," said Lei Steinberg.

Steinberg is one of 12 who is now essentially cut off from the rest of the world after the weekend rain washed out part of Flagstaff Road near Granny Branch River on Saturday.

“Those of us who have jobs have been obviously missing work, and I don’t get paid for that, so it’s going to add stress to my finances," Steinberg said.

“My mom is 61, severe medical conditions. She’s already had to lose one doctor’s appointment this week,” said Thomas Wimberly.

Because it’s a private roadway, they’re faced with the challenge of repairing it.

“We just got a quote of $6,000 to put a bridge here, and repair it, to put a bridge here. We don’t have that kind of money. We just don’t. We can probably come up with about $1,500 to get a few truckloads of dirt in here,” said Kenneth Sutton.

Across Pearl River County, other residents are in similar situations. In addition to private roadways and driveways, more than two dozen public roads were damaged. Three are now closed after being washed out.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the list of damaged roads include:

  • Joe Reyder Road
  • Hunter Club Road
  • North Main Road
  • Balmoral Road
  • Elmer Smith Road
  • Edward Seal Road
  • Springhill Road
  • Sid Juan Smith Road
  • Dan Wheat Road
  • Homer Ladner Road
  • Sam Smith Road
  • Shanendoah Road
  • David Johnson Road
  • Stanford Lake Road
  • County Farm Road
  • John Smith Road
  • Burge and Reyer Road
  • Baxterville Road
  • Otho Davis Road
  • Road Runner Road
  • Redman Road
  • Hickory Grove Road
  • Woodard Street
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Getting them repaired is part of a long to-do list for Pearl River County emergency services. Director Danny Manley said they also have at least 30 homes that were flooded and 120 people who were impacted in some way, and he anticipates those numbers will grow.

“There’s volunteers coming in with resources that want to help, and there are needs out there, and we’re in the process of matching the resources with the needs,” he said.

A volunteer resource center is set up at the Emergency Operations Center at 810 Highway 11 South in Poplarville.

“We say okay, what are you going to do tomorrow? What are you going to do next week? Is there a place that you can go? Do you need your house cleaned out? What are your needs, what can we do to help you?,” Manley said.

Those interested in volunteering can contact emergency services at 601-795-3058.

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