Residents wait for Wolf River to return back to normal, flooding continues

UPDATE: Wolf River floodwaters slowly receding

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Things are slowly getting back to normal for residents who live near or along the flooded Wolf River. But the waterway still isn’t back to normal water levels and isn’t supposed to be until Thursday.

Chris Malley owns property right on the Wolf River just north of the Menge Avenue bridge. He says a lot has changed in 24 hours.

“I came out yesterday to bush hog my property, and it wasn’t over the road,” Malley said. I spent a few hours working, and when I got done, the county was coming to dump sand. They said it would be rising all night, and here it is.”

In fact, it’s high enough to close Cuevas-Delisle Rd, which is just north of the bridge. That’s causing traffic headaches for sure, but Malley says this flooding event is a good barometer for the future when his house goes up on stilts and the river rises again.

"I knew this road flooded, but I didn't know how I would get onto the property,” Malley added. "I'm glad to see this before we're building to know that it's not going to get anywhere close to where we're putting the house."

North of I-10, Harrison County workers are cleaning debris on Cable Bridge Rd. after the Wolf flooded there Monday causing more road closures.

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