Residents flooded out of homes in Pearl River and Stone Counties

Residents flooded out of homes in Pearl River and Stone Counties

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Saturday’s flash flooding devastated the lives of Pearl River and Stone County residents within minutes.

“I’ve never seen water come up this fast at all. I mean it’s scary," said Jennifer Ward. “As you see, we have a great big lake in our yard, and all of our trailers are underwater.”

Residents of Creekside RV Park waded through standing water to save as much of their belongings as they could.

“We have people that are trapped in their homes. They didn’t realize it, but they just open the door, and there’s nowhere to go," said Danny Manley, Emergency Services Director for Pearl River County.

One Pearl River County family arrived at the shelter for help after a flood wiped out their apartment.

“I pretty much lost everything at this point," said Elzie Snyder.

Synder said he knew his family was in trouble once the creek by their home started to flood over the road from multiple directions.

“It got to the point that at one time, we were using ropes to help everybody get everything to the trailers,” he added.

Streets covered by water caused road closures all over both counties.

“We had historic rains during Hurricane Isaac, but I didn’t see quite the damage then that I’m seeing now," said Manley.

Emergency workers are primarily focused on getting people to safety. Once the search and rescue operations are over, Manley said they will focus on rebuilding.

He stated, “It’s just a lengthy cleanup process. We’re just going to have to go through it and repair whatever damages we have.”

For many, the comfort of their tight knit communities has washed away.

“All of us aren’t here are disabled veterans with fixed income... When one of us need something the other one of us has it, we all come together," said Ward.

When asked if she would move back after the flooding stops, she answered, “I don’t really have a choice, but this is kind of a double edge sword.”

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