$40 million drainage project to prevent flooding underway in Long Beach

$40 million drainage project to prevent flooding underway in Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - When storms dropping heavy rain move across South Mississippi, some residents in Long Beach brace for flooding. But work is underway right now in the city to ease those flooding fears.

“A few times we’ve had four or five inches of rain in an hour, and when that happens the water runs like a river,” said resident Donald Daquin.

The road in front of Daquin’s home is Lovers Lane. He said on a handful of occasions, water has risen from the street to his front door.

To prevent future flooding in the Daugherty Road area, work is underway to install new drainage piping along Lovers Lane.

“It will just help relieve all the areas and keep the water moving to get out faster,” said Jenny Levens, Long Beach Community Affairs Director.

This work is just the beginning of drainage improvements across Long Beach. According to Levens, the $40 million project will be completed in five phases over the next few years.

“We walked all the ditches, we checked all the areas and we identified five different basins in the town,” Levens said. “We started off with what we could do to make the biggest impacts everywhere, so we started with the Lovers Lane basin.”

Even though the drive on Lovers Lane is bumpy for now during the drainage work, residents aren’t complaining, especially if they won’t have to worry about flooding during future downpours.

“I’m sure the city is not spending all this money and not expecting it to be solved and we’re hopeful,” Daquin said.

No timetable was given for the project completion. Parts of Lovers Lane will be closed to thru traffic during the drainage work in the area.

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