Raising baby goats on a South Mississippi goat farm

Raising baby goats on a South Mississippi goat farm

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - Products made out of goat’s milk have been around for centuries. From cheese to soap, these goat’s milk items are still very popular today.

There are a handful of goat farms around South Mississippi getting in on the trend.

Brenda Goff and her husband Kenneth own Briarcrest Farm in Vancleave where they raise Nubian Dairy Goats. Brenda grew up on a beef cattle farm, and raising livestock is in her blood.

“About nine years ago my husband asked what I thought about getting a couple of dairy goats. I did the research and looked at different breeds. I selected the Nubians. We just fell in love with them,” Goff said.

The goats are milked twice daily at Briarcrest Farm, once early in the morning and again around 6 p.m.

“Most of our goats produce about a gallon a day. The younger ones produce a little less,” Goff said.

The milk is loaded with nutrients and turned into cheese, yogurt, lotions and soap.The goat’s milk soap has really taken off and become extremely popular.

Spring is birthing season at Briarcrest. Baby goats, or kids, are running around the barn and yard.

“We happen to have a few baby goats right now. We bottle feed them from birth,” Goff said.

Brenda, surrounded by young goats, grabs the bottle. It’s feeding time.

“This one is 10 days. This one is only five days old,” she said with a pair of kids in her arms.

Briarcrest goats have won countless awards at show competitions around the southeast. The Goffs work with other farms in the region in an effort to share ideas and information needed to properly raise goats.

The Nubians are very productive and bring so much joy.

“They’re so sweet and personable. They contribute so much to our household. They are a rare breed of livestock that support themselves and do so much to help our family,” Goff said.

More information can be found on the farm’s website.

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