Bacot McCarty Foundation rolls out the red carpet for Jolly Gala in Biloxi

Organizers roll out red carpet for Jolly Gala

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Bacot McCarty Foundation is set to roll out the red carpet for its 15th annual gala. The fundraiser helps the organization raise money for a variety of great causes all across the Coast.

Todd Trenchard, executive director of the Bacot McCarty Foundation is working with nonprofit agencies to get auction items ready for what’s called the Jolly Gala, named for the late Jolly McCarty. The event will be held in Studio B at the IP Casino Friday night.

The Bacot McCarty Foundation has seen incredible growth over the years in terms of raising money for the coastal community.

“When we first started, it was a private foundation funding three organizations for about $30,000. Last year, I think we supported 30 to 35 organizations, and we’re giving out $400,00 to $500,000,” Trenchard said.

The foundation has given out millions of dollars over the years and concentrates on youth education and the cultural arts.

“We do get involved in leadership development. We want to help the young leaders of tomorrow get on sound footing. We also teach them that it’s about giving back,” Trenchard said.

This event, with an incredible collection of auction items, extends invitations to other charitable organizations. This gives the other organizations an opportunity to take advantage of the Jolly Gala’s reputation to raise money for their own groups, which is a unique format.

“We’ve taken on a new idea where we brought the nonprofits together and use this super event to help them raise money. One hundred percent of what they put in, they get,” said Trenchard.

The annual event covers two days. The Gala is Friday night with a golf tournament on Saturday at Shell Landing.

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