Ocean Springs eliminates civil service job status

Ocean Springs eliminates civil service job status

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Ocean Springs is one of the few cities in the state to have department heads and their assistants classified as civil servants. But after Tuesday’s special call meeting, the next potential employees applying for city jobs will not have civil service status or its protections.

By amending the system, the city has more control when the time comes to hire new department heads. But Mayor Shea Dobson says this is not to cause anybody to lose their jobs.

The current administration is trying to ease the hiring process for jobs because under current standards. Civil service can only give the city a certain number of resumes.

The mayor says that can cause a bit of a headache, and they want to have a full list of the best people for the job. Now the city will be able to examine the candidates closely and decide if they are the right pick for specific duties.

Dobson says he and the aldermen have been discussing it since they took office, but now they just voted to get it out of the way instead of amending each job individually.

“Now everybody is going to be automatic that they are out of civil service, and it just saves us some time so when there is a position that we have to fill. We won’t have to go through that process,” said Mayor Dobson.

The board voted to remove the coverage afforded by the civil service system to the following positions:

  • Building official
  • Deputy building official
  • Planning/grants admin
  • City planner
  • Deputy city clerk
  • Parks director
  • Parks superintendent
  • Assistant. Public Works of Administration
  • Finance and Human Resources
  • Risk Management Director

Those currently in these positions won’t lose civil service status. They will be grandfathered in until they quit or retire. However, the next people to take over the positions will not hold civil service status.

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